I was disheartened and angered reading a front-page quote from Gov. Jay Inslee sardonically quipping about “excuses” for not providing students with on-site instruction, implying that teacher concerns about their safety and that of the children they serve are frivolous [“Inslee expands schedule for vaccines,” March 5, A1].

Former President Donald Trump set states adrift on a sea of indecisive uncertainty in dealing with the pandemic, ridiculing their failings in the process. Inslee has mimicked this ineptitude with school districts, demanding schools open without any substantive planning, logistical support or consensus building with union leaders.

The first vaccines arrived Dec. 14, 2020. Seventy-three days later, the governor granted teachers priority vaccine status at the direction of President Joe Biden. My wife signed up that evening for the soonest available appointment, 66 days later.

My wife and I are teachers with more than 60 cumulative years of teaching. We have always prioritized the safety and well-being of the children of our community. The governor’s remarks are an insult to our dedication.

Jack Gribble, Oak Harbor