The phrases that flood my brain when I look back at 2021 could be set to Billy Joel’s frenetic “We Didn’t Start the Fire”:

Jan. 6, POTUS, QAnon, CRT /

Vaccinations, protests, murder rates, refugees /

Tent camps, ballots, infrastructure, Kraken /

Filibuster, Foo Fighters, climate action, blah, blah, blah

The Opinion section’s annual “Headlines Readers Would Like to See” contest is a chance for you to write a new script for 2022. Be as realistic or whimsical as you’d like; think locally, nationally or globally; and please keep it civil and concise.

If you’re a finalist, your headline will be featured in print and online on New Year’s Day. The top three headlines as judged by our staff also will win Seattle Times swag.

The top three 2021 headlines were “Roll up your sleeves, America: FDA approves disinformation vaccine” (Beatriz P. Wallace, Newcastle); “Red and blue sides agree that Black Lives Matter: Policy overhaul and reparations to begin immediately” (Samantha Brown, Mill Creek); and “Newly vaccinated Washingtonians struggle to find new reason to avoid family, friends, gym” (Sean Hawks, Seattle).

This is the contest’s sixth year, and the past couple of years, as Opinion’s resident headline writer, I’ve shared my top headline writing tips gleaned from a Seattle Times mentor: Be concise; be conversational; have fun; collaborate.

That last one should come easily around the Thanksgiving table. Happy holidays, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

HOW TO ENTER: Submit up to two headlines by Dec. 15 via email to, with the subject “2022 Headline Contest.” Please include your full name, address and telephone number for verification. Only your name and city of residence will be published should your entry be published.