“Forgiving student debt is a bad idea” assumes we work in the same career for our entire life, and it has rigid socioeconomic boundaries. In today’s working world, such assumptions are rarely true.

People use skills they have to start with whatever job is available to them. Usually, they are good enough at a job to make money but not interested enough in it or naturally talented enough to excel at it.

They use that job, and often a series of others, to finance getting a job better for them by attending a university, college or tech school, or educating themselves with online courses and books. The jobs are labeled as blue collar, white collar, full time, part time, contract and so on. A person can be, at different stages of their life, blue collar or white collar.

Any of us may need to make career changes that require paying for additional education and may need financial help.

Mark F. Martino, Kirkland