Re: “Forgiving student debt is a bad idea” [Nov. 22, Opinion]:

In politics, “say whatever you have to say to get elected.” The Democrats were slow to learn this lesson, but knew they needed a large turnout in 2020 to win. They eliminated their fringe candidates but maintained the issues necessary to get out the vote. Then they bought the vote of a number of voters with “pay off student debt” and “free college.” Of course, there were other more reasonable and deserving issues as well.

Should student debt be paid off? No. Teach the lesson — be careful with your finances. Go to a cheaper school. Save money. Work. Get a degree that leads to a well-paying job.

Can we help? Yes. Refinance student debt at government lending rates. Liberalize payment terms. Grant credits for doing something we need done. For example: teaching; caring for the homeless, aged or sick; environmental work.

List jobs that will be needed for the future and the classes needed to do that work. Make those classes free to those who qualify.

Roger Stone, Kirkland