Re: “Democrats narrow stimulus payments as Biden works to keep aid plan on track” [March 3, Nation]:

It is effectively impossible to set a single “stimulus payment schedule” that reaches everyone who is truly in need but does not give money to some who are not. My message is to some of the people near the top of the schedule who receive some stimulus payment but find that they are quite able to get by without it.

There are two purposes served by these payments — help those truly in need and put money into circulation to bolster the economy. Please consider applying your stimulus payment to both purposes. If you are able, spend your stimulus payment by giving it to someone in dire need. If you do not know anyone who fits in that category, find a charitable organization that will do it for you and donate to them.

Congress could never arrive at a perfect formula because one does not exist, but you can help perfect the one they settled on. Keep the intent of the legislation in mind as you use your Treasury check.

John G. Dean, Bellevue