The Stay Healthy Streets program does the opposite of what is needed in a pandemic.

In Greenwood, we were neither asked nor warned about being chosen. It has made our street dangerous enough that even the U.S. Postal Service (“Neither snow nor rain nor heat …”) doesn’t want to risk its mail carriers. As the Postal Service said in a letter to residents “ … it has become a safety hazard to your mail carrier and the community.”

Signage makes people treat our street as a public park; they roam through our yards and driveways, letting their dogs and children run wild while they react with anger to any request to maintain distance or wear a mask.

Even more dangerous, people are encouraged to congregate. Our street has never been so full of people without masks or distancing, and with hordes of children, dogs and automobiles (still).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other experts make it clear that maintaining separation is necessary. The “Stay Healthy” street project encourages just the opposite for little benefit beyond a bit of political spin. I’m reminded of a politician’s desire to have a huge public rally despite all expert advice about the danger. Even he relented.

Peter Langston, Seattle