Re: “State’s windfall another strike against capital-gains tax” [March 17, Opinion]:

How can we say the state has “enough” money when Washington ranked 41st in the nation for funding community-based services for people with developmental disabilities before the COVID-19 pandemic?

Year after year, advocates beg for funds just to keep us at the national bottom, barely fueling a crisis-driven service model that overrelies on segregated, institutional care rather than community-based services.

Legislators claim there “isn’t enough money” to serve almost 15,000 families and individuals waiting for respite, therapies, residential supports and housing — one of the largest waitlists for social services.

How does Washington call itself progressive when we see our most vulnerable denied special education, dying at higher rates from COVID-19, without a care-provider workforce, no community-based housing and still residing in institutions built in the 1930s?

This is a solvable chronic funding problem — if only we had “enough” money.

Stacy Dym, Seattle