Re: “Please tax my capital-gains profits: Washington’s crises demand it” [March 1, Opinion]:

Thank you for the eloquent Op-Ed by Nick Hanauer on the false economy of the anti-income taxers.

For too long, we have swallowed the snake oil of the 1% and bought into the lie that state capital-gains and income taxes would stifle business growth. Instead, our regressive and wholly inadequate tax structure is starving rural health care, mental-health care, school funding, housing for the homeless, infrastructure improvement, salmon recovery and too many other essential programs.

We have swallowed the “unconstitutionality” of an income tax because we have been hoodwinked by the privileged into making it so. Well, it’s time to unmake it and free our state from the straitjacket of regressive taxation that favors the 1%.

Time to replace inflated property, business-and-occupation, and sales taxes with state income and capital gains taxes.

Kurt E. Armbruster, Seattle