Washington state has the most regressive, unfair tax system in the country. The tax burden on the working class is much higher than for the rich. Then toss in the dire economic effects of a COVID-19 pandemic as the poorest residents were hit the hardest while the rich and large corporations appear to thrive,

As the virus continues to spread, tax revenues for state and local governments have plunged. They desperately need revenue for essential services, to fight the virus, and address the economic impact of high levels of unemployment and small business closures. Now there is discussion about raising the transportation toll tax and sales tax to generate desperately needed revenue. But these taxes are regressive and unfair to the poor. Clearly, it’s time to reassess our tax system to better address the multitude of inequalities. It’s time for a progressive state income tax.

I am confident that high-tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft will embrace and acknowledge a need for change, and cooperate with our state government in creating a fair and equitable tax system, a system that will elevate Washington state as a leader in economic growth yet address needed infrastructure, the homeless and a clean environment.

Dennis Michaels, Bothell