Re: “Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget cuts barely scratched the surface” [July 6, Opinion]:

In some cases, state employees are getting half of what they would if they were working for private industry. They definitely deserve an overdue 3% raise.

At the University of Washington and the Department of Ecology, for example, they employ scientists who are helping to make us safe from coronavirus, and scientists and other employees who are safeguarding us by making sure businesses comply with hazardous-waste regulations.

Government employees clean up our trash, and keep our water and parks clean, all behind the scenes. People like to complain that a park is dirty or that there is trash in the streets, but they also like to complain that they’re paying too much in taxes.

Every year, rent is increasing, but their salaries remain stagnant.

Let’s find somewhere else to balance the budget, but please let’s not balance it by not giving them raises.

Laurie Foster, Seattle