Washington’s Secretary of State Kim Wyman performed a feat on Election Day that no other statewide elected official on the West Coast could match: She got re-elected as a Republican.

From San Diego to Bellingham, Democrats dominate state races. Governors, attorneys general, auditors, insurance commissioners, secretaries of state; all of them in three states are Democrats, except for Wyman.

She won by getting a solid 41% of the vote in very blue King County. By comparison, the Republican candidate for governor, Loren Culp, won just a quarter of King County’s ballots and President Donald Trump lagged with a mere 22%.

How did Wyman do it, even with her Democratic opponent trying to tie her to Trump? Here’s a theory: Wyman is the type of Republican who used to be common in this state; competent, non-ideological, focused on doing her job well, not on playing to the Limbaugh/Hannity right wingers who hold both the national and state GOP in thrall.

Luckily for Wyman, voters noticed she was different. It would be lucky for all of us if more Republicans followed her example.

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