Police work is a difficult job. Accordingly, firing a police officer for less than perfect performance under trying circumstances is also quite difficult. But the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) has made it nearly impossible to fire a police officer who has repeatedly demonstrated racial bias and/or blatant incompetence at his or her job.

So-called “good cops” dare not call out the bad apples knowing that, regardless of the sincerity of their efforts, the “bad cops” will remain as colleagues. In article after article citing the opaque and biased mediation process that reinstates fired officers, SPOG has “no comment.” Meanwhile, SPD cites record numbers of police are leaving the Seattle force.

How long do we allow SPOG to keep a stranglehold on reform, forcing good police to go elsewhere? It’s time for SPOG to answer these important questions or be disbanded.

Douglas Mark Armintrout, Seattle