In this firestorm of animosity toward our Seattle Police Department, perhaps we should take a moment to make a few acknowledgments:

• For many victims of crime, such as Metro Transit operator Eric Stark, who was shot during the Lake City active-shooter rampage, Seattle Police officers are the first life-protecting medical responders on the scene.

• It is illogical and unfair to characterize the entire sister- and brotherhood of police officers by the horrific actions of a few. Thankfully, we don’t characterize semitruck painters by the actions of Gary Ridgway or teachers for the many who have been caught preying on their students.

• Lashing out at SPD’s budget, following years of proactive reform, is an inappropriate response to the barbaric killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. A better approach would be continued investment in scenario training, body cameras and community service officers.

Jason Oppie, Seattle