In her Aug. 7 email newsletter, my District 2 Seattle City Councilmember, Tammy Morales, wrote “to paraphrase Angela Davis, the people are no longer accepting the things they cannot change. They are changing the things they cannot accept.” For Morales, “the people” are mere slogans, cutouts filling the seats.

I don’t support defunding the police by 50%. A Black colleague in parks maintenance at the Washington Park Arboretum who happens to live in District 2 doesn’t support defunding the police by 50%. We are both living, breathing people. In fact, most actual people with whom I have spoken don’t support 50% defunding. What actual people support is a plan to change the Seattle Police Department to eradicate militarization and racism.

Before this Council of Polemic runs further amok, let real, live people have a say: Put a referendum on the ballot.

Joan Kalhorn, Seattle