Re: “As negotiations with city loom, Seattle’s police union has had an outsized influence on police accountability measures” [Feb. 28, Local News]:

The article finds plenty of reasons to ding the Seattle Police Officers Guild for its stance in contract negotiations, but I believe it is far too easy on the Seattle City Council.

This year’s talks will be especially tough because Seattle cops simply don’t trust city government. And why should they? The mayor and city council allowed the illegal “occupation” of Capitol Hill, including damage to SPD’s East Precinct building. Those who have committed arson and vandalism on Capitol Hill and downtown are, for the most part, not being held accountable. The council is also considering a get-out-of-jail-free card for most misdemeanor offenders.

The council leans toward “defunding” SPD — without a plan to ensure public safety. The council slapped the department in the face by causing Chief Carmen Best — the best hope for effective leadership and change — to resign. Council members didn’t even display the basic courtesy of talking with her in advance.

Cops aren’t the only ones who don’t trust city government. Neither do I.

Phillip Johnson, Seattle