Re: “Durkan proposes $20 million in cuts to Seattle police as part of proposal to balance budget” [June 23, Northwest]:

I was quite disappointed with the City of Seattle’s news conference Monday. There was lots of talk about community, how police are being used incorrectly, etc. However, there was very little on what the Seattle Police Department is doing to address institutional racism, violent police response to peaceful protests and the militarization of police in general.

It’s disgusting that Mayor Jenny Durkan’s response is a few million dollars out of the SPD budget toward community services. What about de-escalation training, racial-bias training or, even more radical, eliminating racist and corrupt members of the police force?

Now the Seattle Police Officers Guild says that stopping the use of tear gas requires a new labor agreement? [“Police union says Seattle laws to ban chokeholds, tear gas must be bargained,” June 18, Northwest]. Where does the ability to cause harm to innocent bystanders become a labor issue? It is not like citizens want to restrict the police to harsh words and a stern look as their only means to deal with criminals. We want to restrict the use of a weapon banned by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

I expect more out of my city government than more of the same.

Alexander Chin, Seattle