Scandals of sex harassment, poor pay and mean management have been bubbling up from the ranks of the National Football League’s cheerleading squads for a few years. As a result, several NFL teams have made adjustments — some eliminating the sideline dancers, others reconfiguring them to include men in their ranks, not just nubile young women. The Seahawks are now taking the second route, dumping the Sea Gals troupe that has been part of the organization since 1976, the first year of the Seattle football franchise. In its place will be 38 Seahawks Dancers, including eight males.

A Seahawks spokesperson insisted there was no particular reason for the change, that it is “just an evolution of the program.” Chances are good that the evolution will be small. Expect to see young, handsome people on the field shimmying and thrusting their hips in time to hard-driving pop music, projecting sex appeal and displaying really good orthodonture. A true evolution would be to have some not-so-young, not-so-attractive folks bouncing around to banjo and fiddle tunes. Maybe even an accordion.

Don’t, however, expect that evolution any time soon.

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