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Bernie Sanders won the Washington Democratic caucuses in a landslide Saturday. Then his supporters stirred controversy by lashing out at superdelegates who have vowed to support Hillary Clinton, despite Sanders’ overwhelming victory.

Superdelegate debates aside, the existing caucus and primary systems in our state are unpopular with many voters for a variety of reasons. As The Seattle Times editorial board wrote earlier this month, the relative late date of our primary makes it irrelevant during many elections. Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman has tried to move up the state’s primary date in the past but faced objections from Democrats.

Meanwhile, low turnout at Saturday’s caucuses has renewed the call for a mail-in primary — both for the sake of convenience and to avoid disenfranchising voters who might not be able to set aside two or three hours to caucus with their neighbors.

What do you think? Should the parties dump their current caucus systems? What changes would make you more likely to participate?

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