After a year of campaigning and an endless string of debates, the most diverse field of aspirants to the Democratic presidential nomination has been vetted by the media and by early primary voters, and just two candidates with a real chance to win are left standing.

Those two are not women, nor are they people of color, nor are they gay. And they definitely are not young. In fact, the two veteran white politicians who will fight it out on the road to the Democratic Party convention in Milwaukee are older than any serious candidate who has ever run for president.

There’s nothing wrong with being old, of course, but it is intriguing that, of the more than two dozen Democrats who mounted presidential campaigns in 2019, none had the staying power of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, each of whom, if elected, would celebrate his 80th birthday in the White House. These guys are not even baby boomers; they are part of the Silent Generation that preceded the boomers, a cohort that has never sent one of their own to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Silent Generation, your time is now. Destiny calls, even if it is a little late.

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