The main entrance to the King County Courthouse has been closed because there is too much risk that people will be assaulted by vagrants outside on Third Avenue. Doesn’t something about that seem a wee bit bizarre?

This center of our justice system — where lawyers, judges, jurors, police officers, witnesses and common citizens should be able to come and go freely — is under siege from a few antisocial offenders and, in super sensitive Seattle, no one can figure out what to do about it. One day last week, an attorney was attacked at the entrance by a man who had already been arrested four times on the same block — only to be released each time.

This is nuts and, so far, the powers that be have only managed to wring their hands and wish for more drug treatment and mental health services. I’ve got an idea; how about providing that treatment inside a jail instead of letting the same problem repeat itself again and again out on the street?

Everyone wants justice, but it’s hard to achieve if we can’t even get to court safely.

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