For 11 months of the year, our street in Northeast Seattle is an unremarkable block of century-old family homes. But each December, our neighborhood is transformed into Candy Cane Lane (CCL), a winter wonderland with signs spelling “peace” in many languages and handmade giant candy canes in each yard, centered around a magical carousel.

Each year, visitors stroll or drive the street. Many leave donations: canned food, money or warm clothing for the needy in our community. Although the year 2020 stretched nearly everyone’s patience and resources, CCL also revealed Seattle’s enormous generosity. Literally tons of food and many, many bills of all denominations were deposited in the CCL donation bins, more than twice as much as in previous years. These benefitted the University District Food Bank and the Ravenna Popup Kitchen, and are now helping Seattle’s neediest residents.

In an extraordinary year with extraordinary needs, CCL residents wish to thank the extraordinary number of visitors who donated extraordinarily. We also acknowledge and thank the neighborhood surrounding CCL for contending with the various inconveniences, and the city of Seattle for permitting and watching over this annual tradition.

An encouraging start for a bright 2021 indeed!

Joan Gomberg, Seattle, on behalf of the Candy Cane Lane Community