Perhaps nothing has been more disrupting during the last 12 months of coronavirus lockdowns than the closure of schools. Teachers tried valiantly to keep the learning process going online through this dreadful year, while parents working from home figured out how to stay productive with children in the house. Those whose jobs still required them to be physically present had the tougher problem of finding a place for their kids to be cared for and monitored all day.

But, now, it’s back to school in April.

On Monday, Seattle Public Schools opened up classrooms for elementary school students. Instruction is still not five days a week for the full number of hours and, because of that and other complications, many parents are choosing to hold off sending their children for the in-person experience until September. Still, the sight of teachers and students sharing the same space is a happy signal that our pandemic-stunted lives are finally easing toward something close to normal.

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