Re: “Seattle was the saddest metro area in the nation last month, survey shows” [Dec. 17, FYI Guy]:

Seattle may be one of the saddest metro areas surveyed, but I’m still singing in the rain.

I embrace the gray days after a 35 year “layover” of incessant heat and smog living in Southern California’s Inland Empire. The endless sun and lack of seasons did not contribute to my happiness. Sun isn’t the solution to our woes! The survey notes that Phoenix ranked second to Seattle in frequency of reported depression.

I call fall and winter my “happy” seasons. In lieu of gray, I see silver-plated clouds that create soft silhouettes in the lush greenery that surrounds us. I view rain and drizzle as creators of pearl droplets that hang on flowers and branches like nature’s ornaments. I love to don my rain jacket and boots and walk my neighborhood, greeting passerby and feeling the fresh moisture in the air.

I plan to continually celebrate my Seattle homecoming by welcoming each wet, gray day.

Deborah Adatto, Seattle