Poor Alex Pedersen and Deborah Juarez. As the lonely voices of common sense on the Seattle City Council, they get lumped into the general disdain for this town’s legislative body and do not deserve it.

The good news for Pedersen and Juarez is that they will soon have an ally in rationality. Tuesday’s municipal election lifted Sara Nelson to the seat being vacated by council president M. Lorena González. Nelson won in a landslide over her activist opponent even as González got trounced in her bid to become mayor in a major repudiation of the ultra-progressive crew that dominates the council.

The immediate question now is: Will the City Council majority listen to the strong message voters sent? An early indicator could come as early as Monday, when they may take another stab at whittling away the police department budget at a moment when the majority of Seattle’s citizens have expressed clear disapproval of the council’s antics that have driven more than 250 cops to quit, including Police Chief Carmen Best, who is now reportedly in contention to become police commissioner in New York City.

Mayor Jenny Durkan is so convinced that the depletion in the number of police is a major crisis that she has issued an emergency order to offer hiring bonuses of up to $25,000 to attract new cops. Meanwhile, the City Council majority continues to act as if they’d be happy if all the cops left town.

Maybe in another two years voters will send them packing instead.

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