Inundated with election messages? Soon, you will have your say in the Nov. 3 election, for which county election offices have mailed ballots.

The Seattle Times editorial board is here to help. We have interviewed scores of candidates since May, quizzing them on qualifications and what they hope to accomplish if elected, or returned to office.

Dominating our discussions with state legislative candidates are questions about how they will tackle the pandemic-induced budget crisis. All cuts? All tax hikes? Or a mixture of the two? We’re in the latter camp, because of the magnitude of the shortfall, but look carefully for candidates who put constituents before special interests and have a focus on business recovery. For Congress, we are looking for candidates who want to work for solutions, rather than fan the flames of partisanship for electoral advantage.

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What you need to know for your ballot

Here are our recommendations in races King and Snohomish county voters will be considering.

Agree or disagree, please vote, and deliver your ballot by mail or drop box early.


Joe Biden

America has seen enough to make the year’s biggest ballot decision well ahead of Election Day in November. The Times editorial board endorses Joe Biden for president. Read full endorsement →


U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, 1st Congressional District

She is an advocate for jobs, expanding rural broadband and affordable housing incentives. Her eyes are on the recovery from the pandemic-induced economic downturn, helping families now and businesses as they get back to work. Read full endorsement →

U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, 6th Congressional District

Kilmer is a thoughtful pragmatist with a strong work ethic and deep understanding of the district. Read full endorsement →

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, 7th Congressional District

Jayapal has established herself in Congress as a leader on progressive issues, such as income inequality and climate action, that resonate in her district. Read full endorsement →

U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier, 8th Congressional District

The Issaquah Democrat deserves re-election on the strength of her record as a political moderate and voice for a district with a broad variety of interests. Read full endorsement →

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, 9th Congressional District

As the longest-serving member of Washington’s House delegation, Smith brings a wealth of experience and considerable clout to issues that matter to his district. Read full endorsement →

Marilyn Strickland, candidate for 10th Congressional District

Marilyn Strickland, 10th Congressional District

Like outgoing U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, candidate Marilyn Strickland has a strong record as a centrist Democrat who can successfully advocate for the 10th District’s diverse needs. Read full endorsement →


Gov. Jay Inslee

Voters should elect Inslee one last time and demand he show as much discipline and objectivity in the looming fiscal crisis as he did during the coronavirus outbreak. Read full endorsement →

U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, Lieutenant Governor

Washington is fortunate Heck reversed course on his plan to retire from politics after he leaves Congress. His career — within and outside government — is replete with reasons to have confidence in his abilities. Read full endorsement →

Kim Wyman, Secretary of State

Wyman runs a tight, respected office, with the esteem of election officials around the state. Read full endorsement →

Bob Ferguson, Attorney General

His laser focus on matters that impact our state should earn him a third term in office. Read full endorsement →

Pat McCarthy, State Auditor

McCarthy governmental experience has been a powerful asset through a first term in which restoring stability was a top priority. Read full endorsement →

Chris Reykdal, incumbent 2020 candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Reykdal’s dual experience as an educator and legislator will help him continue to lead. Read full endorsement →

Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner

Kreidler is a seasoned expert whose office is responsive to current issues. Read full endorsement →

Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands

Franz has been a determined advocate for building Washington’s defense system against wildfires through vigorous forest management. Read full endorsement →

Duane Davidson, State Treasurer

Davidson, a certified public accountant who served four terms as the Benton County treasurer before he was elected to the state office in 2016, should be elected to another term.  His experience and continuity will benefit the state as it works through a severe revenue crisis. Read full endorsement →


G. Helen Whitener for state Supreme Court, Position 6

Whitener’s diverse experiences in the law and life, judicial philosophy and work ethic make her particularly suited for her role on the state Supreme Court. Read full endorsement →

Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Raquel Montoya-Lewis for Supreme Court, Position 3

Montoya-Lewis has the edge because of her broader experience. Read full endorsement →


Referendum 90, sexual-health education: Approve

Before marking their ballot, voters should be sure they understand what the law does – and does not – require. Read full endorsement →

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8212, long-term care fund: Approve

Investing the long-term care fund is a commonsense idea that passed both chambers of the Legislature with little opposition. Read full endorsement →


Sen. Derek Stanford, 1st Legislative District

The data scientist and statistician takes a practical and analytical approach to current issues. Read full endorsement →

Sen. Mark Mullet, 5th Legislative District

Voters in Legislative District 5 should not be swayed by massive PAC spending against state Sen. Mark Mullet. He’s an outstanding legislator and education advocate who should be re-elected in November. Read full endorsement →

Sen. Lisa Wellman, 41st Legislative District

Wellman, a former tech executive, is chairwoman of the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee. Even before the pandemic, she fought to expand access to reliable, affordable broadband internet. Read full endorsement →


Rep. Davina Duerr, 1st Legislative District, Position 1

Duerr is a pragmatic problem solver with a demonstrated commitment to the district. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Shelley Kloba, 1st Legislative District, Position 2

Kloba has been a solid public servant as a city council member and as the 1st Legislative District’s Position 2 representative. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Bill Ramos, 5th Legislative District, Position 1

Ramos’ experience as a transportation consultant lends valuable expertise to discussions of state transportation planning. His background and deep knowledge of this complex issue will be an asset as state legislators work to create a comprehensive and sustainable state transportation plan. Read full endorsement →

David Hackney, 11th Legislative District, Position 1

Hackney, a former U.S. attorney in California and war-crime prosecutor for the United Nations, has an impressive advocacy résumé. He holds positions on the board of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the state Human Rights Commission and the Black business leadership group Tabor 100. A Harvard Law graduate, Hackney also worked at Amazon and the Nature Conservancy. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Steve Bergquist, 11th Legislative District, Position 2

Bergquist’s experience negotiating complex policies should be an asset as the Legislature faces several years of difficult budgeting. Read full endorsement →

State Rep. Strom Peterson, 21st Legislative District, Position 1

Rep. Strom Peterson, 21st Legislative District, Position 1

Peterson’s pragmatic legislative record and experience as a local government official and retail business owner make him the best candidate to return to Olympia for a daunting task. Read full endorsement →

State Rep. Lillian Ortize-Self, 21st Legislative District, Position 2

Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self, 21st Legislative District, Position 2

With her vantage point as a school counselor, Ortiz-Self promises to be a constructive voice as the Legislature grapples with how to protect school funding and improve equitable services during this state budget crisis. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Drew Stokesbary, 31st Legislative District, Position 1

Stokesbary has shown consistently that he’s well-equipped to be a voice for fiscal prudence without reverting to simple partisanship. Read full endorsement →

Thomas Clark, 31st Legislative District, Position 2

Clark, a Navy veteran and Democrat from Lake Tapps, shows strong potential for a good legislator. His insights about the vital regional aerospace industry will help lawmakers respond wisely to Boeing’s ongoing turmoil. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Cindy Ryu, 32nd Legislative District, Position 1

As a former mayor of Shoreline and former president of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, Ryu has a clear understanding of how legislative levers can affect constituents in the 32nd and elsewhere. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Lauren Davis, 32nd Legislative District, Position 2

Davis has a record of working across the aisle, enlisting lawmakers in reasonable solutions, including on behavioral-health and criminal-justice reform. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Tina Orwall, 33rd Legislative District, Position 1

Orwall deserves reelection to the Legislature. The Des Moines Democrat has been exemplary at representing the interests of vulnerable constituencies statewide and in her own district. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Mia Su-Ling Gregerson, 33rd Legislative District, Position 2

Gregerson said she strives to get outside the “bubble” and work with a wide range of lawmakers and consider statewide interests. She chairs the House Government and Tribal Relations Committee and serves on the appropriations committee. Read full endorsement →

Sarah Reyneveld, 36th Legislative District, House Position 2

Reyneveld’s depth of knowledge on critical state issues, combined with progressive values and a strong commitment to government transparency, should make her an outstanding and productive member of the Legislature. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, incumbent 2020 candidate for the 37th Legislative District, Position 1

Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, 37th Legislative District, Position 1

Washington legislators should be addressing social-justice issues that are a priority for veteran state Rep. Tomiko Santos. Read full endorsement →

Chukundi Salisbury, 37th Legislative District, Position 2

Chukundi Salisbury, 37th Legislative District, Position 2

Salisbury is thoughtful, informed and has demonstrated the ability to build partnerships and create programs that benefit his community. Read full endorsement →

Rep. My-Linh Thai, 41st Legislative District, Position 2

The former Bellevue School Board member is clearly driven to ensure all Washington kids have equal access to an excellent education. She lends important perspective to the unfinished work of honoring the state’s constitutional responsibility to provide basic education for every child. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Nicole Macri, 43rd Legislative District, Position 1

Macri is a smart, dedicated advocate who should improve the Legislature’s response to homelessness and behavioral-health challenges. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Frank Chopp, 43rd Legislative District, Position 2

Chopp’s ability to advance progressive legislation has improved the lives of countless Washingtonians. That includes children with more early learning opportunities, students with improved access to higher education and thousands of adults living in affordable housing advanced by Chopp. Read full endorsement →

Rep. John Lovick, 44th Legislative District, Position 1

The former Snohomish County executive and sheriff is well qualified to serve as police reforms take high priority. Read full endorsement →

April Berg, 44th Legislative District, Position 2

Berg is the better candidate because of her chosen focus on education in a state that is still struggling to meet the needs of all its students and on equity, a goal that transcends education to our larger society. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Roger Goodman

Rep. Roger Goodman, 45th Legislative District, Position 1

With police reform likely second only to budget issues at the top of legislators’ agendas this winter, Goodman’s experience as chair of the House Public Safety Committee will be an asset in sifting through proposals intended to reduce racial disparities in policing. Read full endorsement →

Larry Springer, 45th Legislative District, Position 2

Springer’s experience, pragmatism and financial acumen will be essential for solving the state’s budget woes. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Gerry Pollet, 46th Legislative District, Position 1

Pollet’s proposals to improve police accountability are examples of his thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for making positive change as a state representative. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Javier Valdez, 46th Legislative District, Position 2

Valdez’s committee work as second vice chair of the transportation committee and member of the education committee, and his beautiful American story as the successful son of Moses Lake immigrant laborers, should make him sensitive to diverse viewpoints and concerns on both sides of the state. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Debra Entenman

Rep. Debra Entenman, 47th Legislative District, Position 1

Entenman deserves reelection because of her strong legislative record and talent for listening to others’ concerns. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Pat Sullivan, 47th Legislative District, Position 2

Sullivan’s history of budget leadership goes back to the deep cuts that followed the 2008 recession. He understands which reductions come with unintended consequences and how to prioritize programs. Sullivan’s insights will be needed to guide that painful process going into the 2021 Legislature. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Vandana Slatter, 48th Legislative District, Position 1

Slatter is an effective legislator who is comfortable working at the intersections of important policy areas. Read full endorsement →

Rep. Amy Walen, 48th Legislative District, Position 2

Walen is a pragmatic and independent advocate for fiscal responsibility and working families. Read full endorsement →


King County charter amendments 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7: Approve

The King County Charter Review Commission recommended five good ideas that voters should make law in this election.
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Harborview Medical Center on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, April 29, 2020. ICU coronavirus patients at Harborview Medical Center.  213807

King County Proposition No. 1, Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds: Approve

Prop. 1 is a necessary investment in the health and vitality of all in our region.
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King County Charter Amendment No. 4, Office of Law Enforcement Oversight – Subpoena Authority: Approve

Adding subpoena power for the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight to the King County Charter would support a key reform for the county accountability mechanism.
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King County Charter Amendment No. 5, Making the King County Sheriff an Appointed Position: Reject

The King County Sheriff’s Office must remain elected to preserve voters’ authority over how law enforcement is handled in unincorporated county areas.
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Proposition 1, authorizing a sales tax to fund additional Metro bus service: Approve

Although ridership fell because of the pandemic and may take time to recover, having a robust urban-transit system remains a necessity. It should also help the city and downtown recover from the economic downturn.
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