Seattle Times Editorial endorsements.

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The editorial board is making recommendations for voters in selected legislative races in King and Snohomish counties that have three or more candidates appearing on the Aug. 7 primary election ballot. Each endorsement will explain our thinking, but generally we look for moderates with a commitment to work across party lines.

We will weigh in on races with only two candidates after the top-two primary. Also, look for our recommendations on some federal races and Supreme Court justices.


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Suzan DelBene for Congress, 1st Congressional District

Strengths: U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene is hyper-focused on jobs and the concerns of her 1st District, which range from high-tech to farm policies. Read full endorsement →

Shannon Hader and Dino Rossi promise best contest in 8th Congressional District

Shannon Hader’s experience managing programs with taxpayer dollars as a public-health doctor and past division director at the CDC positions her to take on Dino Rossi, a former state Senate budget chief who is campaigning on his ability to balance a budget and work across party lines. Read our editorial →

Adam Smith for Congress, 9th Congressional District

Strengths: A strong advocate for immigration reform and Washington’s military interests in Congress. Read full endorsement →
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    State Senate

    Marko Liias for state Senate, 21st Legislative District

    Strengths: Advocacy for transit and transportation package, successful push to ban gay conversion therapy. Read full endorsement →

    Mark Miloscia for state Senate, 30th Legislative District

    Strengths: Commitment to open government and accountable spending, upholding the Public Records Act. Read full endorsement →

    Immaculate Ferreria for state Senate, 31st Legislative District

    Strengths: Experience as an advocate for early-learning programs, on-the-ground experience connecting families to social services through in-home visits. Read full endorsement →

    Jesse Salomon for state Senate, 32nd Legislative District

    Strengths: Salomon’s strengths include experience as a King County public defender, working with social issues that are a legislative priority. Read full endorsement →

    Karen Keiser for state Senate, 33rd Legislative District

    Strengths: Keiser has worked to advance important workplace policies such as paid-family leave. She also has a deep knowledge of the state’s mental-health crisis. Read full endorsement →

    Shannon Braddock for state Senate, 34th Legislative District

    Strengths: Experience in government and working in a bipartisan environment; progressive stances on social issues that fit the district. Read full endorsement →

    Steve Hobbs for state Senate, 44th Legislative District

    Strengths: Leadership on transportation issues, proven record of independent-thinking and collaboration. Read full endorsement →

    Rodney Tom for state Senate, 48th Legislative District

    Strengths: Tom promises support for legislative transparency and to be a check on Democratic default mode of seeking solutions first in tax increases rather than reforms. Read full endorsement →
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    State House

    Derek Stanford for Legislative District 1, House Position 1

    Strengths: Stanford runs a small data-science consulting business, and that data-driven approach undergirds his approach to state policy with an eye on the long term, whether it’s how to approach homelessness or the next steps on education reform. Read full endorsement →

    Shelley Kloba for Legislative District 1, House Position 2

    Strengths: The former Kirkland City Council member brings an informed perspective of state government effects on local government and understands the importance of resolving Interstate 405’s remaining challenges in the district. Read full endorsement →

    Paul Graves for Legislative District 5, House Position 2

    Strengths: Graves is a smart, independent thinker who is quick to offer alternative, yet sensible, proposals to address complicated state problems. Read full endorsement →

    Morgan Irwin for Legislative District 31, House Position 2

    Strengths: Irwin is well-studied on a variety of state policy issues, with his law-enforcement background lending an important perspective to discussions about mental-health care and public safety. Read full endorsement →

    Keith Smith for Legislative District 32, House Position 1

    Strengths: Smith is a passionate advocate for juveniles interacting with the justice system. Read full endorsement →

    Lauren Davis for Legislative District 32, House Position 2

    Strengths: She was founding executive director of Washington Recovery Alliance, a nonprofit that has pressed for sentencing reforms and increased recovery services, and she also has worked on school suicide-prevention programs, after working at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read full endorsement →

    Eric Pettigrew for Legislative District 37, House Position 2

    Strengths: After 16 years in the Legislature, Pettigrew has plenty of experience and knowledge of the issues Washington faces. Read full endorsement →

    Tana Senn for Legislative District 41, House Position 1

    Strengths: Senn is a reliable voice for women and families in the Legislature. Read full endorsement →

    My-Linh Thai for Legislative District 41, House Position 2

    Strengths: Knowledge of education policy and funding. Read full endorsement →

    Frank Chopp for Legislative District 43, House Position 2

    Strengths: A strong hand on the state House tiller, Speaker Frank Chopp is an unflagging advocate for social justice and affordable housing. Read full endorsement →

    Debra Entenman for Legislative District 47, House Position 1

    Strengths: Entenman would be a strong advocate for education and efforts to address mental-health and addiction issues. Read full endorsement →

    Pat Sullivan for Legislative District 47, House Position 2

    Strengths: A former mayor of Covington, Sullivan has proven to be a strong representative in the state House of Representatives, especially with his leadership on McCleary education funding reforms. Read full endorsement →
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    King County levy for fingerprint system

    Approve: Since 1986, the King County automated fingerprint system has helped Seattle Police, King County sheriff and all suburban police solve thousands of crimes. Read our editorial recommendation→
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