Seventy-five years ago, I challenged authority on Saturday mornings. How long before security at The Bon Marché or Frederick & Nelson kicked me off the escalators? Later, when Yakima High was at the state tournament at Hec Ed Pavilion, I challenged authority at the Blue Moon Tavern. I was a frisky kid limited by mores of the time respecting others’ personal and property rights.

In the ensuing years, Seattle has been a haven with its social and cultural opportunities sponsored by productive and caring corporate and citizen contributors. We confidently walked the streets day and night shopping, eating and patronizing theaters, galleries and concerts.

We now fear going into Seattle. Perception is reality. We are going on 87. Seattle’s electorate has the responsibility to shape a future “Seattle Experience.”

We have treasured Seattle Opera, walking from the hotel with police controlling traffic. If that were absent due to budget limits, we would not feel safe.

Concealed guns and private security can’t protect us as we saw recently on Capitol Hill. Seattle’s police chief gives the community and her flock full respect and deserves the same for ALL she represents.

It’s been a great ride! Farewell, Seattle.

Jack Bloxom, Yakima