I endorse both the Op-Ed “Seattle City Council is willfully ignoring facts: Data shows we need more police officers” [Nov. 20, Opinion] and the editorial “Reject Seattle’s absurd misdemeanor proposal” [Oct. 29, Opinion]. The Seattle City Council seems hellbent on a mission to overhaul and shrink the Seattle Police Department without analysis. Before we throw out the bathwater, let’s stop and review: There are several video clips of council members campaigning with a message to increase SPD officers in 2018.

The Nov. 9 FYI Guy column cites 2019 FBI data that rates Seattle as below average for police-to-population ratio, ranking 28th among the 50 biggest U.S. cities [“Is the Seattle Police Department understaffed? Here’s what the data shows”].

As for legalizing misdemeanors, Seattle already is dealing with a lenient justice system. Earlier this year, Seattle was terrorized with a shootout on a downtown street that killed one woman and injured seven others. The suspects are two 24-year-old men with dozens of arrests between them.

Our city is larger than a decade ago. The police department needs to grow commensurately, not shrink in size. It is part of what the citizenry pays for — safety.

Jerry Moos, Seattle