Re: “Seattle City Council keeps ignoring the golden goose” [Jan. 29, Business]:

I appreciate columnist Jon Talton imploring our Seattle City Council to recognize how vital our local businesses are for the well-being of our economy. As someone with 15 years of experience in the private sector, I share this sentiment.

Yet I must correct Talton when he writes, “Mass transit is in crisis. Yet the council, which never fails to meddle, isn’t interested.” That’s false, because this City Council is passionate about expanding transit and has achieved concrete success despite the crises of 2020.

Even though transit ridership is down during the pandemic and is structured to be funded regionally by King County Metro and Sound Transit, we established a special committee of all nine City Council members to craft a comprehensive transit funding measure boosting bus service throughout Seattle. Our measure was ultimately endorsed by The Seattle Times and approved by 80% of voters to provide tens of millions of dollars each year for mass transit. Moreover, whenever this Council discusses new funding or policies for transportation, the first instinct is to support transit. We are more than interested in transit, we boldly boost it.

Alex Pedersen, Seattle City Council member, District 4