Re: “QFC to close two Seattle stores, blames city’s new $4 hazard pay law” [Feb. 16, Business]:

Seattle City Council needs to stop making politically correct decisions that become self-inflicted wounds to our city. Complex problems require leaders with business and civic experience, and management skills. Issues do not occur in a vacuum and usually have linked impacts, even unintended consequences.

First it was the intention of cutting police by 50% in the face of increasing downtown crime and the loss of downtown businesses, a high number of police-officer departures and reassignments from specialty units, and the resignation of an excellent police chief. Now the emergency $4-per-hour wage increase of supermarket staff has caused the loss of QFC jobs and community loss of the Wedgwood and Capitol Hill supermarkets, the latter being the store we used for 32 years before moving to a downtown condo.

Unfortunately, I voted for Teresa Mosqueda and M. Lorena González (and certainly not socialist Kshama Sawant in my district). It is time to field and elect new council representatives that have firsthand significant business and city management experience so that Seattle can be saved and repaired.

Bill Endelman, Seattle