Re: “Seattle City Council approves new car-tab fee. Here’s how much you’ll pay” [Nov. 23, Local News]:

I am incredulous that the City Council could consider hijacking the new $20 car-tab fee for projects other than the intended bridge maintenance and repair proposed by Councilmember Andrew Lewis.

The West Seattle Bridge may be the first of our major bridges to fail, but it was not even the one listed as the Seattle bridge in the worst condition. Our bridges are extremely important for the health of our city — no one can drive, bike, ride a bus or walk between our neighborhoods without them. Our economy is contingent on having operational bridges, and the safety our citizens is dependent on having bridges that can withstand the rigors of daily traffic. Each of our city bridges is in dire need of maintenance to bring them to a reasonable level of safety and security.

Assigning the new tax receipts to anything other than bridges will be a dereliction the City Council’s duty to those they represent.

Karen Gielen, Seattle