Re: “Alaska salmon returning smaller amid change, competition with hatchery fish, study finds” [Aug. 25, Northwest]:

What happens in Alaska affects us here. The Seattle Times’ recent story about diminishing salmon runs, as well as salmon getting smaller, is alarming.

I have been a fisherman for 65 years. I care about a healthy salmon run because it affects my sport. I love nothing better than standing in a beautiful stream, casting my line, catching a fish and releasing it back to its waters and doing it all over again. But when I think about the bigger picture, the overall connection between salmon and climate change, I get concerned in a big way.

Urgent political action is called for now. I used to think being active meant going fishing. Now, I believe it means contacting my member of Congress to push for powerful and effective legislation that will put a halt to the climate crisis. The best bill I know about is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763. Let’s all get active and create the political will for a livable future.

Mike Morgan, Bainbridge Island