Re: “New orca baby born to southern resident L pod” [Feb. 17, Environment]:

Only 50% of orca calves survive their first year. Urgent action is needed now to help these young orca calves thrive. We have created man-made problems for the southern resident orca population, including damming the Snake River.

The orca are starving because they don’t have enough chinook salmon to eat. The science shows that breaching the four dams on the Lower Snake River will provide the biggest bang for the buck — removing terminal barriers for the salmon and enabling them to move freely from their spawning grounds to the open water, where they can feed the orca.

U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, has proposed a comprehensive solution that restores salmon to abundance. This is a great start to potential legislation that will help the orca calves thrive. Please urge your legislators to help refine Rep. Simpson’s proposal for salmon recovery and advance it through Congress.

Joan Green, Langley