With an annual salary of $3 million-plus, Nick Rolovich, head football coach at Washington State University, is the highest paid public employee in the state. With that kind of compensation, one hopes the WSU coach feels a responsibility to set a strong, ethical example for student athletes, as well as all students on campus.

Therefore, it is riling that Rolovich, who refuses to receive a vaccination to protect himself and those around him from the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to keep his motivations secret. For a guy in his position, that is irresponsible.

If Rolovich has a medical condition that would be seriously aggravated by the vaccine, he ought to make that clear. Because he is keeping mum, it is easy to suspect there is something less legitimate driving his choice and it is hard not to wonder if it has something to do with Trumpian political leanings or a belief in bogus, anti-vaxxer propaganda.

So, coach, take one for the team. Your public position has made you a wealthy man; you owe us some straight talk.

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