Both the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation that led to impeachment of the president revealed convincing evidence that President Donald Trump has abused the powers of his office in numerous way. With Utah Sen. Mitt Romney as the single exception, though, Republicans in the House and Senate saw no reason to even slap the wrist of their man in the White House.

This shameful acquiescence has left Trump essentially at liberty to act as he wishes with no fear of censure or legal consequence. In the judgment of most Republicans, the normal rules do not apply to Trump. He is a monarch who stands above the law.

Now that Trump has been unleashed, the question is how far he will go in using presidential power to serve his own interests. Trump is taking jobs away from government officials who testified in the impeachment trial. He is pushing the Justice Department to go easy on his cronies who have been convicted of crimes. He continues to employ his henchman, Rudy Giuliani, in the Ukraine-based effort to besmirch a political rival – the very thing that got him impeached.

And one more thing in the works is the suppression of former-National Security Adviser John Bolton’s pending book that purportedly reveals the truth about Trump’s Ukraine escapade. It is a wonder that Trump even bothers with an attempt to silence Bolton. It is not as if the shocking truth is not already plain to see. Those damning revelations seem only to have strengthened Trump’s hand among the vast majority of Republican voters who adore their king and congressional Republicans who fear his royal wrath.

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