I am an emergency physician with a degree in public health who is proud to have a daughter accepted to the University of Washington in the fall. I appreciate UW administrators’ efforts to try to open, but why do their plans not also include testing of all students before arrival both for the virus and antibodies, and regular testing on campus? If this testing were done and the campus closed to outsiders, the environment could be made as safe as possible. Without testing, it seems like a hope and a dream which will turn into a nightmare.

The governor should be praised for his universal masking order, but I also wonder why we are not doing regular random prevalence testing for the state so we know where we stand and where we are headed. A thousand random tests on a weekly basis would give us a wealth of information, which would pay off tremendously.

Why can’t all of King and Yakima counties be tested? If China could test approximately 10 million in Wuhan in less than two weeks, why can’t we do the same and shut this virus down? The economic and health impact would be tremendous.

Hemant Nayak, M.D., MPH, Bellevue