Re: “K-12 classes should resume this fall” [June 16, Opinion]:

Being a retired teacher, I am aware of the need for education and difficulties districts have faced since March. Some districts had to start from the bottom, and some districts had virtual learning in place or in progress. Teaching in a classroom is positive. I understand issues that surround special-needs and struggling students who need more one-on-one teaching. I am aware that districts have been working on different approaches to show how school will look in the fall. They are looking at COVID-19 statistics and doing what they can to prevent the spread, while creating a successful and positive learning environment for students.

I am not sure state Sen. John Braun has actually reviewed the effects of COVID-19 and those impacted. He is shortsighted in thinking that only the students are impacted by everyone returning to school. He has not considered teachers, administrators, para educators, instructional aids, custodians, cafeteria staff, caregivers, siblings, grandparents — anyone with health risks.

Braun may not have been personally affected by the virus, but he is setting himself and others up to be. Students must not go back to school without a plan that has a complete understanding of all involved and the virus.

Diana Sparks, Sammamish