The Seattle Education Association and Seattle Public Schools need to give us choice.

This pandemic has made clear that we each have a different risk tolerance with COVID-19. What is right for each family as we navigate through each phase of this pandemic is very different. Let’s allow families and teachers to make the choice that is right for them.

Allow students and teachers back in buildings if they choose. Match classes and teacher the best we can. Families and teachers that are more comfortable finishing the year at home should be able to remain remote.

Every family can choose what is right for them.

Highline Public Schools began its next phase of hybrid instruction Thursday. Under an executive order issued by Oregon’s governor, students in K-5 must have an in-person learning option by March 29.

It is time to stop the debate on what is right for all and allow each of us to make the choice for what is right for us and our families.

SEA and SPS need to work together to create this option for choice. It’s time to begin to heal and move on.

Amy West, Seattle Public Schools parent and teacher