Enough venom has been spewed from all corners of the community to smother all that is uplifting, creative and productive in our unique Northwest region. Let’s not fight over who is right but rather who will provide leadership to address police violence and training; homelessness; and civic education on the responsibilities of citizens.

We are all in this together.

When Steve Jobs saw an opportunity, he focused on a solution and pushed his team to great heights. Elon Musk spearheaded a NASA team that methodically tackled problems and succeeded. Why do Seattle and King County deserve anything less? Bickering doesn’t cut it.

Who will step up and appoint a capable and focused leader (who isn’t worried about reelection) to strategically guide our citizenry back to confidence, knowing that solutions are in motion? Will this leader open the forum to those of us who truly want a solution (not noise)? Include our caring citizens in this effort. Hold a “cut-through-the-red-tape” contest. Rules limit participants to one-page letters identifying one thoughtful concern and solution for a commission to digest and analyze for merit and effectiveness. Set a deadline.

We are all exhausted by fruitless talk. Please exercise creative smarts and act instead.

Roberta Ohno, Kent