I am very excited and hopeful to read that the state Legislature may consider issuing recovery bonds for things such as infrastructure. [“ ‘War bonds?’ With federal help AWOL, here’s a way we could dig ourselves out of the pandemic,” Dec. 11, Local].

I am a yellow-vest essential worker who has worked through the pandemic and saved money while not going out.

I would be ecstatic to be able to invest those savings in things like low-income housing, increased mental-health services, racial equity, infrastructure, salmon restoration and, especially, because it’s a crisis that can’t be put on hold, green jobs to combat climate change.

For example, with a surprisingly small subsidy, home solar installation would cost no more than a regular electric bill. This one act would put local installers and manufacturers to work, reduce global warming and lessen the need for dams that obstruct salmon.

I urge the Legislature to follow through on the idea of recovery bonds.

Linda R. Anderson, Seattle