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The new year is almost here. What would you like to see in 2016? Could the showdown between the Legislature and the Supreme Court over education funding be resolved? Could the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl for a third-straight year? Could Bertha come back to life?

What headlines would you live to see in 2016? On New Year’s Day, The Seattle Times Opinion section will publish the best suggestions from readers alongside those from editorial board members.

Submit your headline by Dec. 27 in the form at the bottom of this post or by clicking this link. The three best reader headlines, judged by our staff, will win Seattle Times prizes.

And check out the reader headlines from last year in this post. It doesn’t seem our readers’ wishes for this year came true, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hold out hope for 2016.

Also, keep in mind when writing your headline that conciseness is key — cut out extraneous information. Think about clear, direct headlines that get to the point of the story you wish to see in 2016. But sometimes a great adjective can make the difference in grabbing attentions.

Most important, have fun with these! Here’s to a newsy new year.