Gender equality is back in the news. As part of the 7.9% of pilots who are women, I occasionally hear stories of women degraded, sexually harassed and who feel unable to report inequality in a male-dominated workplace. But more often, I hear uplifting stories from women in pilot groups like the Ninety-Nines, Women in Aviation International, the Women of the National Gay Pilots Association and Ladies in Flight Training. We are raising the number of women in aviation and ensuring gender equality in aviation careers.

The loss of gender-equality icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is felt by many, including in aviation. May her memory be a blessing and a revolution. We must further women’s opportunities to join and continue in aviation and protect our rights to fly and work. To the women who are starting out, or looking for the sign to do so, we support you, and we’d love to see you in the skies. For those of us already flying, let’s fly together, and work toward safe reporting, equal pay and greater representation.

Come fly with me, see how flying spreads ideas, and how together, we can take flight and encourage gender equality in aviation.

Abigail Wells, Seattle