Re: “Don’t call Trump’s enablers ‘conservative’— they are the radical right” [Jan. 6, Opinion]:

It’s about time someone called out President Donald Trump’s enablers what they are — the “radical right.” I have a number of friends who describe themselves as “conservative” and acquiesce to everything Republicans in Congress are doing now to delegitimize the election of President-elect Joe Biden. They believe (or pretend to believe) that this attempt to put aside the choice of 80 million voters as rife with fraud is a necessary correction of our election system that has been corrupted by the Democrats. They think of themselves as righteous conservatives.

News flash: My friends cling to a political philosophy that no longer exists. Once Trump became president, the GOP adopted his authoritarian cult brand of leadership and forsook true conservative values to enable his megalomania. By using the word “conservative” repeatedly they wish to be seen as champions of free enterprise and traditional norms instead of the radical subverters of democracy they really are. Hopefully, right-minded people can see through this spurious perversion and reject it.

Steven Lequire, Des Moines