If you believe that All Lives Matter, you’re right, but you’ve missed the point. The debate isn’t about which lives are more valuable, it is about which lives are more at risk.

The BLM movement is against the systematic oppression of Black Americans throughout our country’s history. If you disagree, ask yourself why so many Black Americans live in public housing instead of owning homes while so many white Americans grow rental empires. Or why, if inner-city education is the same as it is in a suburb, more white Americans don’t live nearer their jobs. Or why, if “hard work” is the true divider of success, so many single mothers working two jobs can hardly put food on their tables.

We are all in this together. Let’s start acting like it. Instead of arguing that All Lives Matter, recognize that this isn’t in question. What matters is that we can all do more to help those whose lives have been made more difficult because of the color of their skin.

Content of character is all that matters. Color of skin, creed, who we love — these don’t make us good or bad, they make us human.

Andrew Donaldson, La Conner