As a white mother of two African-American men, one born in Sierra Leone and one in Nigeria, the surfacing of more examples of police brutality of Black men just walking down the street, selling cigarettes or going jogging generates great fear.

Married to a Nigerian electrical engineering student at the University of Illinois in 1963, not knowing any other interracial couple, and before the Loving Decision in 1967, I never would have predicted so much racism and cruelty still happening today in this “Christian” country.

And what of the “Karens,” white women who call police on Black, Hispanic or Asian children and adults who are just going about their daily lives — a child selling water, a man entering his apartment, a woman exercising in the park? Just imagine the white woman in San Jose removing her mask and coughing in the face of a Hispanic baby.

Do they have a conscience? Are smartphones revealing the truth?

Let’s demand action, fix laws, educate for equality. Then all Americans can feel safe from police and/or other Americans.

Don’t wait 50 more years. It’s up to us.

Nancy Street, Cheney