Re: “Businesses looted, pair of fires started on Capitol Hill, Seattle police say” [July 23, Northwest]:

Once again, the vandals, looters and arsonists are back in action on Capitol Hill. What the most amazing part is the police actually were witness to it all, and yet no arrests were made.

At what point is enough enough? Mayor Jenny Durkan has handcuffed the wrong people. She has handcuffed the police. What are the business owners to do who are trying to operate on Capitol Hill, pack up and move? That is not an acceptable response and will only damage the economy in the long run.

The time has come to put this anarchy to a stop, let the police, police, and stop the destruction. Failure to do so will only invite President Donald Trump to send in the troops, and when he does, Durkan will have only herself to blame.

Ron Hopper, Carnation