Black Lives Matter is not a particularly bold or strident slogan. It’s more like a plea than a provocation in its modest claim that Black lives count. It’s a slogan that lightly tugs at the nation’s conscience to say, “Didn’t you see me? You seem not to have noticed that I exist.”

Black Lives Matter seems “pushy” only to those who think Black people are beneath notice (and want to keep it that way). “What’s next?” they fear. Equal rights? Fair play? Is there no end to what Black Americans might then expect?

According to President Donald Trump, all BLM protesters demonstrating against police brutality are “terrorists.” His attorney general calls them “anarchists, agitators, and criminals.” Armed, right-wing militias who confront these peaceful protesters are “great patriots,” the president says.

The failure to indict Breonna Taylor’s killer(s) breathed new life into the civil unrest that followed George Floyd’s murder. It also revived the president’s efforts to ignite a civil war. He is encouraging fascist “Storm Trumpers” to “protect” us from political dissent under the guise of restoring law and order.

The malignancy in the White House must be resisted until Nov. 3, then excised. President Trump must be voted out of office.

Joe Wallace, Seattle

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