Re: “Seattle Council, rebuke bullying of colleague” [Aug. 2, Opinion]:

This editorial was so accurate: “An intolerance for dissenting voices is downright Trumpian.” The irony is clear. Our socialist city council member is just as extreme as the right-wing president, especially when it comes to retaliating against those with whom they disagree.

It appears that our local politics has devolved into a world of “my way or the highway ….” much like our current federal leadership.

Our country is thoroughly divided between extreme right and extreme left. Who is brave enough to question the president? Who is brave enough to disagree with the members of our Seattle City Council? We are seeing what happens when other politicians or the press actually disagree with them.

Punishment and denunciation are tools of despots. The inability to consider or discuss alternative views or beliefs is more than intolerance. Extreme politics is destroying our country and Seattle.

Lucia Regan, Seattle