Re: “Trump vents about election as agencies aid Biden transition” [Nov 24, Nation & World Politics]:

Even as the transition of power has finally formally begun, the shocking saga of our presidential election continues. President Donald Trump remains defiant, even as some members of his own family reportedly have tried to persuade him to concede. What is just as concerning is how many Republicans from both the Senate and the House of Representatives have not stepped up to say that they believed the election was fair and basically free of any fraud.

It seems that a few have the power to dictate how others should vote or express themselves on any given issue. The Grahams, McConnells, Schumers and Pelosis speak, and the majority of their fellow legislators fall in line. What a difference it would have made if Sens. Mitch McConell and Lindsey Graham had publicly asked the president to concede on Nov. 4.

If we had term limits, our “citizen legislators” would feel more free to say what they personally believe and to vote their conscience rather than the party line. They would worry less about losing a president’s hard-core supporters in the next election. This newfound freedom might even lead to the cooperation between the two parties that we so desperately need.

Phil Robinson, Auburn