As a girl who aspires to be a politician in the future, Donald Trump’s behavior has been very disturbing.

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“OUR kids are watching this election” Michelle Obama said in a speech about the intensifying craziness of the 2016 presidential race. She’s right. There are young people watching this election — I’m one of them.

The three debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been considered the most nasty presidential debates in recent history. And I couldn’t agree more. With each one, it took willpower not to chuck my remote at the TV.

One of the main things that made the debates so insufferable was the way Trump threw basic etiquette out the window. He constantly interrupted Clinton and made all sorts of power moves, such as stalking her around the town hall stage, invading her personal space.

In contrast, Clinton was poised and polite. For the most part, she sat quietly and waited calmly for her opponent to finish talking, smiling at the attacks thrown at her. Clinton’s class in the face of such a bully made me respect her that much more — but it also made me furious.

It’s so insulting that someone like Trump is even on the same stage as Clinton. The fact that a woman who has spent her entire adult life in public service has to be put on an even playing field with a man who tweets about alleged sex tapes at 3 a.m. is proof that the double standard is still alive.

As a girl who aspires to be a politician in the future, I find that very disturbing.

But the most disgusting part of the debates was how much Trump got away with. He dismissed his sexual-assault boasting by claiming, “Bill Clinton is worse” (implying that a woman is more responsible for her husband’s actions from 20 years ago than a man is for his own actions from 11 years ago).

He has admitted that he does not pay federal income tax. Yet through it all, the media are cutting him slack. After each meltdown, reporters talked about how he could “prove himself” with his next debate performance.

Prove what, I’d like to ask? What is everyone waiting for him to do? I mean, if a candidate targeting minorities, encouraging violence, bragging about sexual assault and refusing to accept the fair outcome of an election isn’t enough for us, then, my gosh, nothing ever will be.

We shouldn’t be giving people like Trump “opportunities” to “change our minds.” What’s done is done. Debate results are subjective, and performances don’t change the facts. And they shouldn’t change our minds.